Is Life As A Project right for you?  Listen to what some of our participants have to say:


"I took “Life As a Project” because I recently started my own business and really wanted to go into the New Year Strong.  I thought it would be a good workshop to get clear on my goals and create a plan for action around them.  I got much more than I bargained for!  There were some really great exercises around distinguishing what is really – I mean really – important to me.  Somewhere in the course of the workshop I stopped focusing on what I think I “should” or “ought” to be working on, and got down to the things in my life that I’m really passionate about.  After that, creating goals and milestones was easy and, actually, fun.  It’s only been a week since I took the workshop but, in that time, I have been more productive and – most importantly – seeing and creating opportunities that simply weren’t on my radar last week.  I took this as an individual (with other individuals) but I also think this would be a great workshop for executive teams working out their strategic plans."   

Scott H., Business Owner 

 "Jamie lead us through a thought-provoking process that was very insightful.  This is a realistic approach to creating goals and putting them in action.  I highly recommend the course for anyone who is serious about accomplishing their dreams in the near future.  What are you waiting for?"

Matt P., Executive 

"I really enjoyed Life as a Project.  Goal-setting is something I would often avoid…not wanting to get “nailed down” by what I said, only to possibly “fail” later.  But with Jamie’s workshop, we started with Gratitude and noticing what Roles we play in life… so it was easy to pick those areas and desired accomplishments that are naturally important to me.    I really felt like I “re-constructed” my life on top of some powerful, new beliefs about myself.   Being grounded in my new beliefs, and inspired by my 8+ roles, I stepped into a job interview 2 days later and was offered the job that day!   I highly recommend Life as a Project, and plan to do it annually now."

Linda P., Food Scientist